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From 1991 to the present

Long-term cooperation binds the Funs with many childrens hospitals in Moscow, Togliatti, Tobolsk, Samara and other Russian cities. On September 28, 1995 an agreement of intentions was made up with N.N. Begichev, Chief Physician of the Protection of the Virgin Hospital, on annually accepting up to 50 children from rural areas free of charge and past the waiting list. The Fund also patronizes a wing of the hospitals nephrological department, as indicated by the plaque at the department entrance.


Why were adjustable beds needed?

The best explanation is found in a thank-you letter dated November 10, 1999, from A. V. Resnyansky, Chief Physician, at City Hospital No. 9 in Togliatti:
The hospital has opened a special wing to treat stroke victims. Patients of this kind, as a rule, suffer nerve damage and paralysis of the limbs. They find it very difficult to change positions, but the problem is solved by using adjustable beds (the first ones in our hospital). They enable the patients body, head or limbs to assume any position. The height of the beds your charity has donated to us can also be adjusted. The hydraulic patient lifts (also never before seen in our city), which we received from H.I.H. Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna Fund, have significantly reduced the work of our medical staff: one assistant is now sufficient to move a paralyzed patient. We can only conclude that this help has arrived at the right moment, and has been extremely helpful in speeding up the recovery process and the rapid rehabilitation of the health of a considerable number of stroke patients. Please accept this expression of our heartfelt gratitude.



Assistants of the Fund in Canada, loading the container with adjustable beds to be shipped to Moscow.



Our Charity took up this challenge in September, 1998. Archimandrite Pankraty, Father Superior of the Valaam Monastery, informed me of the poverty-stricken inhabitants of the archipelago of Valaam. With winter approaching, they were threatened with the real prospect of starvation due to a crop failure. Father Pankraty therefore sent our Fund an official letter, part of which reads as follows:
In addition to 100 monks and novices living on the Island of Valaam, there are about 500 local residents, among whom are elderly people in poor health, invalids incapable of working, and 60 children. In November, ice will put an end to all navigation and, until May, 1999, the island will be accessible only by means of a helicopter, at great expense.
If, within the next few weeks, we do not receive sufficient quantities of the basic necessities, we on the island face the real threat of starvation. The situation is all the more serious since the supply of water and electricity depends on a diesel-powered generating station, and the winter supply of diesel (400 tons) has not yet been delivered. The very existence of life on the island is under threat. Dear Olga Nikolaievna, we humbly request that you do everything you can to help us.

The idea then arose to have the Fund address the citizens of Russia to provide the Island of Valaam with emergency humanitarian aid, including non-perishable food items and diesel for the power station. Once His Holiness Alexei II, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, had received the news of our project, he supported us in prayer and blessed us in our efforts with gathering the necessary humanitarian aid. The Patriarch observed, All the monasteries on the island are currently in a serious situation, especially the Valaam Monastery. I would be grateful if you provided the Valaam Monastery with your assistance.
Thousands of people responded to the appeal for aid launched by the Funds Moscow branch. Shortly thereafter, the main island in the Valaam archipelago received
assistance in the form of 300 tons of diesel fuel, 12 tons of food products, items of clothing, articles of basic necessity, and a donation of 140,000 roubles. All this hard work enabled Valaams monastic order to establish a free meal programme and charitable assistance centre for all those in need.


In the summer of 1999, I received the following letter from Archimandrite Joseph,
Father Superior of the Solovki Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration:
These are difficult times for the Fatherland at the edge of the world. This island in the middle of the turbulent White Sea is experiencing the renaissance of a Northern Athos in the form of a monastic order, a stronghold of Orthodoxy in the far north of Russia. Our monastery is in need of everything: fuel, food, warm clothing, footwear, and the most basic of necessities The Monastery is obliged to provide the residents in the village of Solovki with charity and they are faced with no fewer, and sometimes even greater, difficulties than we are.
His Holiness Alexei II, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, who is the Holy Archimandrite of the Solovki Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration, blessed all the faithful and benefactors who participated in the Help Solovki Campaign sponsored by the Grand Duchess Olga Memorial Fund. The Holy Patriarch also requested the members of the Solovki monastic order to pray for the health of all donors and for the repose of the soul of their deceased relatives.

Caring in Christs name for ones neighbours, the disabled and children
in need is indeed a tribute to God.

Letter of thanks from Archimandrite Joseph,
Father Superior of Solovki Monastery
of the Holy Transfiguration,

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